How to Subscribe to Career Relaunch

Subscribe to the Career Relaunch Podcast

Career Relaunch PodcastSubscribing to Career Relaunch is very simple, and ensures the podcast gets delivered straight to your device so you never miss an episode. I recommend using Apple Podcasts or iTunes. If you already know how to subscribe to podcasts, simply click on your preferred platform below. Or, scroll down for step-by-step instructions. Thanks for becoming a loyal listener and part of our career change community.

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Step-by-step instructions

If you’re new to podcast subscriptions, I’ve created a step-by-step walk-through on how to subscribe to the podcast using one of the major platforms. Choose your platform below:

  1. Subscribe via Apple Podcasts iOS app
  2. Subscribe via iTunes desktop app
  3. Subscribe via Spotify
  4. Subscribe via Stitcher mobile app
  5. Subscribe via Android podcast apps
  6. Subscribe via Google Podcasts


Apple Podcast iOS app (2 steps)

iOS Podcast1. Visit the Career Relaunch podcast by either:

a) Direct Link: Going to OR:
b) Podcast App: Open the Podcast app & enter “Career Relaunch” in the Search box. Under Podcasts, tap on Career Relaunch icon.


Podcast Search

iTunes desktop app (3 steps)

iTunes1. If you don’t already have it installed, download iTunes to your computer & follow the installation instructions. 2. Visit the Career Relaunch Podcast page by either:

a) Direct link: Go to and click on “View in iTunes” button:

iTunes Browser


b) iTunes Desktop App: Search for “Career Relaunch” in the Search box under iTunes Store. Then, under Podcasts, tap on Career Relaunch icon.

iTunes Search


3. Click the Subscribe button under the podcast’s cover art.

iTunes Subscribe

You can also choose to Tell a Friend, Share on Twitter, Share on Facebook and Copy Link the podcast by clicking the dropdown list of the Subscribe button. When you subscribe to a podcast, iTunes will automatically check each day for new episodes. For more details, visit this Apple iTunes help article.


Spotify (3 steps)

Spotify_Icon1. If you don’t already have it, download the Spotify app (iOS, MacOS, Windows, Android (via Google Play | Amazon), or Windows Phone.
2. Search for “Career Relaunch” or simply go to to find the show


Spotify Screenshot


3. Click on the heart to add it to your library


Stitcher mobile app (3 steps)

Listen on Stitcher1. Install the Stitcher app on your mobile device.
2. Visit the episode page by either:

a) Direct link: Go to then scroll up, and click OPEN in Stitcher app.

b) Stitcher app: Open the Stitcher app, search for “Career Relaunch” and select it from the list.

Stitcher Search

3. Click the + sign.

Stitcher Episode

You’re now subscribed, and you’ll find Career Relaunch under your “Favorite Playlists

Stitcher Favorites

Other Android podcast apps (subscribe in 1 step!)

Android RobotVisit If you have a “one-click” supported app (e.g., Podcast Addict, Podcast Republic, Simple Podcatcher) on your Android device, the App should load automatically (in theory). That’s it!

Subscribe to Career Relaunch on Android


Google Podcasts (subscribe in 2 steps)

Listen on Google Podcasts1. Visit the Career Relaunch Google Play Music page by either:

a) Visiting or b) Searching for “Career Relaunch” in the Google Podcasts.

2. On the Career Relaunch podcast screen, tap the +Subscribe button near the top-left.

More Google Podcasts instructions here.

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Joseph Liu helps aspiring professionals relaunch their careers to do work that matters. As a keynote speaker, career & personal branding consultant, and host of the Career Relaunch podcast, his passion is helping people gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to pursue truly meaningful careers. Having gone through three major career changes himself, he now shares insights from building & relaunching global consumer brands to empower professionals and business owners to build & relaunch their personal brands.